Sitting / Standing Desks

Sitting AND standing desks are a bit more complicated than normal desks because they require moving parts. Do it yourself (DIY) options for sitting/standing desks are almost non-existent because of this, and because making a non-adjustable desk is so much easier and usually does the job.

Sit and stand desk

Sit and stand desk

Pros of an Adjustable Height Sit/Stand Desk:
* Allows users of different heights to use the same workspace.
* Allows users to slowly transition from sitting to standing.

Cons of an Adjustable Height Sit/Stand Desk:
* For some reason, they’re relatively expensive.
* Many of the desks available don’t go high enough to add a treadmill later. (I’m 5’11” and need a desk that is at least 51″ high in order to fit a 7″ treadmill with proper ergonomics.)
* Many of the desks are single level and don’t have multiple shelves for proper monitor height without a stand or modification.

The primary benefit of this type of desk is the ability to slowly move your way into standing all the time by allowing sitting breaks. If you get a desk model that supports it, you can also upgrade to a treadmill/walking desk down the road. I’m about 5′ 11″ and I require a standing desk that goes up to at least 51″ to fit a treadmill underneath with proper ergonomics, and most of the models available only go up to about 46″. (The treadmill I use, a Confidence Power Plus treadmill, adds about 7 inches of height.) If you are okay with possibly modifying your desk (boosting it up a bit to fit a treadmill), and using a monitor stand to get a proper ergonomic viewing height, then a sit/stand desk would be just fine for you.

That being said, there are several attractive standing / sitting desks available to choose from, as this market has been adding several new manufacturers in the past few years. Unfortunately, none of them I’ve seen are completely perfect.(Although my criteria are probably more strict than most). I’ve compiled a spreadsheet with all the most popular models below. Click on the image or the text link in the spreadsheet to get to my review. Desks are sorted in no particular order because people have different requirements for a desk.

VariDesk Review

VariDesk Pro

Generic Crank Sit/Stand Desk

Crank Adjustable Standing Desk

Ergotron WorkFit-PD

Ergotron WorkFit-PD

Review (Work in progress) Desktop Dimensions Max Desk Height Treadmill Compatible Notes Price (As of Jan 2015) Store Link
Varidesk Pro 30″x23″ to 36″x29″ 17.625″ Depends on desk Not a full desk. Multiple sized models with different desktop dimensions. ~$325 to $400 VARIDESK Pro Plus
Generic Crank Sit/Stand Desk 39.4″x28.8″ to 59″x28.5″ 46.1″ to 47.5″ (Top shelf) Yes Multiple sized models. Two level desktop. ~$340 to $420 60″ Crank Adjustable Generic Sit/Stand Desk
Ergotron WorkFit-PD Sit/Stand Desk 23.5″ x 31.5″ 51.5″ No Small desktop size. ~$500 Ergotron WorkFit-PD
Ergotron Workfit Sit Stand Desk

Ergotron Workfit Sit Stand Desk

Bekant Ikea Sit/Stand Desk

Bekant Ikea Sit/Stand Desk

ErgoDepot Sit/Stand Desk

ErgoDepot Jarvis Sit/Stand Desk

Review (Work in progress) Desktop Dimensions Max Desk Height Treadmill Compatible Notes Price (As of Jan 2015) Store Link
Ergotron Workfit Sit Stand Desk 47.6″x23.5″ 50.6″ Yes Single level surface. Non-motorized. Requires monitor or keyboard stand for ergonomic use. ~$700-800 Ergotron WorkFit Sit/Stand Desk
Ikea Bekant Sit/Stand Desk 63″x31.5″ 48″ Yes Recently recalled. Hard to find. Single level. Motorized. ~$400 Ikea Bekant
ErgoDepot Jarvis Sit/Stand Desk 48-72″x30″ 51″ Yes Very customizable. Single level. ~$700 ErgoDepot Jarvis Desk
"Stand Desk" Co. Sit/Stand Desk

“Stand Desk” Co. Sit/Stand Desk

Mulitable Standing Desk

Mulitable Sit/Stand Desk

Rebel Sit/Stand Desk

Rebel Sit Stand Desk

Review (Work in progress) Desktop Dimensions Max Desk Height Treadmill Compatible Notes Price (As of Jan 2015) Store Link
Stand Desk Co. Sit/Stand Desk 30″x60″ 45″ Yes Kickstarter funded project. Single level. ~$500-600 Stand Desk Co. 
Multitable Sit/Stand Desk 29″x57.75″ 47″ Yes Crank adjustable. ~$710 MultiTable Sit/Stand Desk
Rebel Sit/Stand Desk 28″x48″ 48″ Yes Crank adjustable. ~$700 Rebel Sit/Stand Desk





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