Rebel Sit/Stand Desk

The Rebel Desk Adjustable-Height Standing Desk is a welcome addition to the adjustable height standing desk marketplace. At the $700 price point, it isn’t the cheapest one, but it does fill a niche. It’s a crank adjustable desk, which to some may be preferable to a motorized one, since it’s less likely to fail. It has a build in charging station (with USB ports!) and side shelf, something the other desks will likely charge you an arm and a leg for, and it adjusts up to 48″ high, which isn’t the best, but good enough for many of us.

Rebel Desk

Rebel Desk

This desk can support 100 lbs while moving and 300lbs stationary, so it’s fairly well built. The placement of the legs makes it such that you can place a treadmill underneath, like the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill, or the much more expensive (but matching brands!) Rebel Treadmill 1000 . The fact that it’s a single level desk requires that you use a monitor stand or a desk attached monitor arm in order to get your monitor to proper height though.

Pros of the Rebel Desk Adjustable-Height Standing Desk
* Adjusts fairly high to 48″, which seems to be above average. This makes it usable with proper ergonomics for people ~5′ 7.5″ with a treadmill, or ~5′ 10″ with a treadmill.
* Crank may be a pro over a motor since it’s less likely to break.
* Solid and pretty.
* Comes with a charging station complete with USB ports. Also has a little holder on its side for wires and what not.

Cons of the Rebel Desk Adjustable-Height Standing Desk
* Expensive, but with the extras, still a good value compared to competition at this price point.
* Doesn’t come with the Keyboard Tray attachment.

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 Rebel desk charging station



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