Other Exercise Desk Alternatives

Not too keen on the idea of standing or walking all the time, but still want to do something for your health? There are actually a few options for that too. And when I say a few, I mean I’ve only encountered 3 types.

1) An under-the-desk pedal: Something like the DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser. This allows the user to stay seated, but still be able to increase circulation through peddling. The benefits may not be as great since you’re still restricting your circulation by sitting down, but something is better than nothing! The worry I had when I tried out one of these pedals is that it takes more of a conscious effort to pedal while working. Walking is more natural and we’re very good at multitalking while walking. I found that if I have to force myself to pedal, either my concentration suffers more, or I’ll forget to pedal.

2) A pedal-bike with desk mount: The FitDesk Exercise Bike is sort of like an under the desk pedal unit, but it also gives you the desk part. It seems rather specialized since the desk portion is at an incline, making it useful for a laptop or particular types of work. People really seem to love it though, so to each their own. I see the same issues with an under-the-desk pedal as I see with this one. If you start to concentrate a lot, you may forget to pedal, or vice versa.

3) A pedal-bike flat desk: Of course LifeSpan had to get in on the pedal desks as well, so they have the LifeSpan C3-DT5 Desktop Bike, which differs from #2 in that it’s basically a full desk with a boosted pedal bike that can be used with it. It’s kind of nice since you can use the desk alone as a standing desk if you with, but then you also have the option of “semi-sitting” with the pedal unit. Again, same issues with concentration and peddling, but at least here you can stand or even potentially get a treadmill to switch out the pedal unit every once in a while. Keep in mind that it’s a single level desk though, so you’d likely need to get a monitor stand or something for proper ergonomics.



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