Multitable Sit/Stand Desk

The MultiTable Standing Desk is a strange desk to me. It’s a crank desk that doesn’t look as solid as the almost half as cheap “Generic crank desk” I reviewed earlier. It is the same price as the non-motorized Ergotron standing desk, but doesn’t raise as high as it does (nor does it look as solid). For that price, it just seems to me that you have better options, so keep an eye out for a sale on this one! :)

Mulitable Standing Desk

Mulitable Standing Desk

The high price tags of these standing desks are okay to me as long as they provide something the other desks can’t, such as being more solid, a fancy motor, or adjustable to a taller height. This desk does none of these. It’s just kind of your standard expensive standing desk that only goes up to 47″. That being said, it can still support a treadmill such as the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill underneath with a bit of modification. It can support use as a standing desk with proper ergonomics for people ~5′ 11″ tall, or people ~5′ 8.5″ tall with a treadmill.

Pros of the MultiTable Standing Desk:
* It’s a crank adjustable desk that allows for on the fly adjustment.
* Can support the use of a treadmill as there is no obstruction below.
* I expect this will go on sale because it can’t compete with other desks in this price range at the $700 price point.

Cons of the MultiTable Standing Desk:
* For the price, you can do better.
* Doesn’t work well for tall people.
* Requires a desk attached monitor arm for proper ergonomic height of the monitor.

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