Generic Non-Crank Sit/Stand Desk

This desk is similar to the crank version I mentioned in a previous review, but it’s a non-crank version that adjusts in 1″ increments. It’s sold by the same vaugely named company “Stand Up Desk”. (They really should have chosen a more unique name, although I give them that it’s descriptive.) It’s adjustable in the sense that you can set it up at any height it supports, but you can’t adjust it easily once you get it set up.

Generic Non-Crank Sit/Stand Desk

Generic Non-Crank Sit/Stand Desk

This desk adjusts to similar heights as the crank version, with discrete 1″ increments. It suffers from the same issue that the desk doesn’t go to a height for tall people. According to my estimates, this will support a user of height ~5′ 7.5″ or shorter without a treadmill and ~5′ 4.5″ with the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look hackable without some serious effort to make it go higher. Additionally, there is that board on the bottom portion of the desk, which would block a treadmill from being placed there anyways. So if you’re not taller than 5′ 7.5″ and don’t plan on using a treadmill desk in the future, then this desk is definitely the one for you. It’s probably the cheapest option you’ll see for an item like this. The main complaint is that it isn’t adjustable, but I use a desk that I set up once at a fixed height, and it’s a little trouble getting it set up, but not a problem afterwards.

Pros of the Generic Non-Crank Sit/Stand Desk:
* Cheap
* Fairly solid
* Two levels

Cons of the Generic Non-Crank Sit/Stand Desk:
* Not for tall people (taller than ~5′ 7.5″).
* Doesn’t support the use of a treadmill in the future because of the obstruction at the bottom.
* Can’t adjust the height without taking apart the desk.

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