Ergotron Workfit Sit Stand Desk

The Ergotron WorkFit-D is quite a desk, as it better be for a ~$700 price tag. If you squint, it almost looks like the desk has hulk-like calves.

Ergotron Workfit Sit Stand Desk

Ergotron Workfit Sit Stand Desk

There isn’t much bad to say about this desk, other than it’s a single level desk. However, if you grab a desk attached monitor arm, then you won’t have to worry about having a multi-level standing desk and proper ergonomics. I don’t use this kind of setup myself because, well, I’m kind of poor. What I really like about this desk is that is goes up to a height of 50.6″, which, according to my calculations, is tall enough for users ~6′ 3″ or shorter, or users ~5′ 10.5″ or shorter with the use of a Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill. There is that bar across the bottom that may get in the way of a treadmill, but it won’t this the Confidence treadmill (it appears to be far enough away.) The adjustment of height isn’t motorized, but it is able to be done without taking the desk apart. You just need to unscrew two “adjustment screws” to allow the desk to be moved. It isn’t as easy as a motor or a crank, but at least it’s possible.

Pros of the Ergotron WorkFit-D
* Adjustable height up to 50.6″. That’s good for a standing desk for people up to ~6′ 3″!
* Solid.

Cons of the Ergotron WorkFit-D
* Expensive. Not saying it isn’t worth it, but it’s a lot for a desk.
* Needs an additional desk attached monitor arm or a keyboard dock for proper ergonomics. (Need to have the keyboard at a different height than the monitors.)
* Big and heavy. Maybe it’s a pro in terms of quality.
* Need to remove screws to adjust the desk height. (Not motorized).

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