Ergotron Workfit Desk Extension Review

The Ergotron WorkFit-S is a sort of desk hack, like many of these “hutch” type items. It connects to your desk and provides an elevated platform for the keyboard and a place to attach a single monitor.

Ergotron Workfit Desk Extension

Ergotron Workfit Desk Extension

You pretty much get what you see, the monitor stand doesn’t rotate left or right, the keyboard tray doesn’t adjust independently (not allowing for optimization of ergonomics. Ironic consider the product’s name.) It’s been reported that if you’re 6′, then you can just barely use this with a normal sized desk. Taller people should probably look elsewhere. It’s also been reported that if you’re 5′ 4″ and shorter, this also isn’t going to work well for you. There also is no lock on the height adjustment (It’s also tool free), so it can potentially slide down from a raised position if you have a heavy monitor. (Says it supports monitors up to 28lbs.) It’s said to be able to handle a 30″ monitor, but that’s pretty close to the limit, if not already over. And finally, the keyboard tray is thin and will bend if you type too hard. On the plus side, it has smooth movement and the keyboard tray is of a good size. Also, the connection to the desk is fairly sturdy.

Pros of the Ergotron WorkFit-S:
* Sturdy connection to desk.
* Can use with existing desk.

Cons of the Ergotron WorkFit-S:
* Kind of expensive. You could almost buy a complete motorized desk for this price. May want to consider the VARIDESK Pro Plus if you are looking for an extension to a normal desk.
* Not as adjustable or sturdy (keyboard dock) as it should be for the price.
* Assembly isn’t super straight forward.

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