ErgoDepot Jarvis Sit/Stand Desk

The ErgoDepot Jarvis desk looks like a pretty nice desk. It looks to be around the same size and price as the Ergotron WorkFit-D, but it provides a motor instead of a non-motorized system, which may or not be a plus in your book. If a motorized system stops working, you have to get it repaired. If a non-motorized system stops working (which is less likely), you at least have a chance to repair it on your own. As these desks are very large, getting it serviced would be really annoying.

ErgoDepot Sit/Stand Desk

ErgoDepot Sit/Stand Desk

The Desk is solid. You could stand on your standing desk and have it easily raise your weight. The controls for the motor are nice. It has several heights that can be programmed into the numbers so that it can “remember” what height you like. The legs on the bottom are clear so you can easily put a treadmill like the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill I so often mention underneath. With some modification. It also goes up to a 51″ height, which is tall enough to support a person 6′ 2″ WITH an additional treadmill. If you want to use it as a standing desk only, then as long as you are shorter than ~6′ 7″, you should be fine. There are lots of add ons if you have the desire and the cash to do so, such as a desktop holder, pencil trays, casters, wire management grommets, a monitor arm, two desktop sizes, and multiple types of finishes.

* Solid.
* Motorized with a nice control panel.
* Can potentially support a treadmill if placed underneath.
* Has a built in hole for running wires down the back of the desk.
* Raises up to 51″ tall, tall enough for 6′ 7″ people or shorter.

* Expensive.
* Requires a separate desk attached monitor arm if you want proper ergonomic heights.


Find it from the manufacturer’s site. 



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