DIY Standing Desk Reviews

Did you know that you can but Ikea desk parts separately and construct your own Swedish Frankenstein desk? Many people have, and some actually look pretty nice! The only problem I see here is that unless you’re planing on designing something that is adjustable in height, you have to make a “one desk height fits all” height desk and you’re limited in the exact height you can achieve by using these discrete parts. (Bad if you’re planning on sharing with a spouse or something.)

If you’re still interested in making a DIY desk, these are the most common Ikea parts that have been used to piece together a standing desk. I’ll give you the pieces in categories and you have to use your imagination in order to piece them together. I’ve put links at the bottom to some examples from some pretty amazing people all over the internet.


Ikea Kallax/Expedit Bookcase Shelving Unit 2×2

Ikea Kallax Bookcase Shelving Unit 5×1

Galant Legs

Galant Legs




Oddvald Trestle


Table / Desktop: 


Ikea Lack Floating Wall Shelf

Ikea Lack LCD Plasma Tv Stand

Ikea Linnmon White Desk Table

Generic Ikea Desktop

Various Ikea Tabletops

IKEA Lack Coffee Table

End Table

Various Connectors / Brackets / Multi Level Components

Ikea Ekby Bjarnum

Viktor Shelf Bracket


Ekby Valter Bracket

Ikea Capita Stainless Steel Legs

Lots Kee Klamp Pipes

(If you’re creative, you can do quite a bit with these pipes!)

Some DIY Links for Inspiration:



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