Day 190- 245

Being away from my treadmill desk during the holidays made me feel very lazy… as a result, when I came back I may have overdone it a bit. I decided to up my time to try and lose that holiday weight, but I think I ended up hurting my hip a little bit. (~5-6 hours a day for ~4 days straight). I stopped using it for a couple of days and then it was back to normal. I’ve been through this cycle twice now where I’ve overdone it and had to rest, but for a while there I was worried since it started to hurt when I walked. Let this be a lesson for those overly ambitious types. I like to think I’m a fairly young, fairly fit individual, yet I was able to turn myself by walking too much. Yes… walking. In any case, I think either one should make sure to take breaks or proceed more slowly than I did. At least I can just rest a few days the damage is healed, I think. Be careful since it could be something different or something more serious for some other people, especially those who are older. Darn this physical body and it’s limitations…



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