Comment on Recent Articles Saying Treadmill Desks Are Not Effective.

Lots of articles have been published recently such as:

And so many others…

These are all examples of how people just want to make sensationalist articles that gets peoples’ attention instead of analyzing what something is actually saying.

The study they’re all referencing as being the harbinger of death for the treadmill desk is basically saying that if you barely use a treadmill desk, then you’re not going to see any benefits. Obvious, right? The study participants couldn’t stick to the regime and didn’t use the desk as much as the researchers asked (which wasn’t even that much). This is the same problem with people who go on diets or try to start any kind of health regimen. These people are looking for a quick fix, when in reality, you have to work hard to lose weight and be healthy. People don’t seem to understand that treadmill desks aren’t some magical machine that makes losing weight or being healthy easier, it simply provides a way for people to multitask their exercise while doing something productive in front of a computer. If you have the motivation to work out, then you can save some time by doing some of it while working. Sure, if you need to do photoshop work or are sensitive to distraction, then a treadmill may not be the best idea for you, but if you, like me, like watching movies at your computer, type blog posts, hell, even programming isn’t that bad, then a treadmill desk will allow you to get a workout and be productive at the same time. Frankly, I don’t even know why the university would design such an experiment, it seems so worthless to me. I could have told them before they spent all that time and money on the experiment that if you take a bunch of people, give them a piece of equipment, and then they don’t use it, yeah, that piece of equipment is probably not that effective. And as for the cost of a treadmill desk? They have expensive ones, but if you do even the tiniest amount of searching, you can find my blog with the treadmill desk I made for about $250 bucks. (A graduate student at the time, and I could afford that easily!) These articles and this “research” at OSU seem extremely questionable to me.