For the duration of my graphs, in total I’ve walked for 24220 minutes at 1mph (403.66 miles) at my treadmill desk and stood for 24220 minutes when I otherwise would have been sitting.

That’s equivalent to walking ~175 miles past the international space station and standing there for 14.94 days. What has using this exercise desk got me? Some fancy weight loss graphs! All thanks to my treadmill desk setup! Which uses the Confidence Power Plus Treadmill and an Ikea Fredrik Standing Desk.

Weight Loss From Treadmill Desk Use

Me on my treadmill desk

Me on my treadmill desk!

Click for details on my particular treadmill desk setup. 

(Heavy Austrian Accent)

I’ve been trying to review all the best options in each category. Work in progress!

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Treadmill Desk

TREADMILL DESK. I think it’s the best option. Walking slowly actually feels more natural and is easier than standing only. We’re naturally pretty good at multitasking while walking. It’s noisy though, even with a silent treadmill, your feet hitting the treadmill is enough to make co-workers angry. Best choice if you have your own office or co-workers with ear plugs!

sit and stand desk

SIT OR STAND DESK. Probably the best starting desk option since it allows you to sit if you’re not ready to stand all the time, and it also gives you the upgrade possibility to treadmill desk! The downside is that these are usually pretty expensive and it’s currently a little difficult to find a desk that is high enough for both a tall person and an additional treadmill.

Standing Only Desk

STANDING DESK ONLY. Don’t give yourself the option of sitting down. This is the “cold turkey” approach and can be painful at first. Not recommended if you have time sensitive or super important work to do all the time since you will be extra tired and likely not able to concentrate as well until your body gets used to standing all the time. Probably the cheapest option though and can be upgraded to a treadmill desk!



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